Vive Health – Nutritionist – Leia Mulroy


Leia Mulroy |   Qualification: BHSc Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)   Professional Interests: Food and Environmental Intolerances and Allergies Digestive and Gastro-Intestinal Health SIBO & FODMAP Treatment Plans Children's Nutrition Immune Disorders Skin Conditions Detox & Weight Loss Plans   Leia is a practicing Clinical Nutritionist who has a strong passion for Digestive and [...]

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A Naturopath's Guide to Better Sleep: Part II


  By Mikaela Duffy | Naturopath & Nutritionist   In my previous article (here), I discuss some fundamental food types that can support and improve sleep, and outline the reasons sleep is so important for our overall health.  It is also important to note that there are different types of insomnia or sleep issues, which [...]

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Healing Fudge from Julie Phillips


Ok so we know it is going to be a food fest over the next few weeks. So eat well. Healing Fudge Assists in the healing of many digestive issues. Recipe easily multiplies up. 1 cup Organic ghee (ideally homemade) Butter can also be used Room temperature (Summer), gently heat to soften (Winter) [...]

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