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Smoothies vs. Juices | Which is better for your health?


What is better for you?  Smoothies or juicing?  This is a question I have been asked many times over the years. There are some positives and negatives to both so let’s look and compare the two Smoothies Juicing You get the whole fruit and can bulk it up with many different types of protein powders, [...]

Smoothies vs. Juices | Which is better for your health?2022-07-03T04:17:10+00:00

Mexican Chilli Beans by Clinical Nutritionist Anna Morgan


Cause who doesn't love a warm and nourishing bowl of chilli beans on the chilly winters days. This delicious mexican chilli beans recipe is loaded with fibre, protein, vitamin, minerals, antioxidants & healthy fats (with the addition of organic sour cream or avocado). It's truly something comforting you can feel really good tucking into this [...]

Mexican Chilli Beans by Clinical Nutritionist Anna Morgan2022-06-30T08:28:49+00:00

A Guide to Starting Your Preconception Journey


Planning a bubba soon? Here is what you need to know before you start. Preconception care is an undeniably important aspect of fertility and conception. Not only does it boost both you and you partners (yes, preconception care includes your partner) health but has also been shown to improve health outcomes of your baby through [...]

A Guide to Starting Your Preconception Journey2022-04-29T23:39:29+00:00

Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut


Intestinal permeability is what you will find if you want to do research on this topic, but more well known as Leaky Gut. What is Leaky Gut? We are born with a leaky gut – gaps in the intestinal wall (tight junctions) to allow nutrition through into our bloodstream, but as we grow these tight [...]

Intestinal Permeability aka Leaky Gut2022-04-29T23:43:18+00:00

Vitamin A – One of the Least Known Vitamins


Vitamin A appears to be one of the least known vitamins.  Everyone knows of it, but not what it does and how important it is.  Many people think that beta-carotene is “vitamin A”.  It’s not technically vitamin A but is a precursor that gets changed into the body into vitamin A via several chemical processes. [...]

Vitamin A – One of the Least Known Vitamins2022-04-29T23:44:37+00:00

How our response to threat can help us understand how we might be feeling in the pandemic


I have previously written about our body’s automatic responses to threat. I am re-sharing that article below and will add some more information specific to our current experiences. People I work with are often very confused about themselves and why they do what they do, for instance continue to smoke, overeat or eat unhealthy foods, [...]

How our response to threat can help us understand how we might be feeling in the pandemic2022-04-29T23:49:19+00:00

Children and Herbal Treatments


As many of you know, at VIVE we love making herbal formulas to support the health of our customers. Matt, Mindy, Georgie, Linda and Marilyn are Herbalists that have years of experience with the strength and ability of herbs to support wellness. We now have an herbal dispensary with herbs that are not in alcohol [...]

Children and Herbal Treatments2022-04-29T23:53:51+00:00

Combining Vitamins, Minerals and Medications – Can They All Be Taken At The Same Time?


There are vitamins and minerals that don’t go well together as they like to compete for absorption.  Some of these will also try to compete with medications. Some foods can also impair our absorption of these nutrients. Therefore, it is wise to know which supplements, which medications and foods to take and when.  Mostly it’s [...]

Combining Vitamins, Minerals and Medications – Can They All Be Taken At The Same Time?2022-04-29T23:55:11+00:00

Nutritional Support For Vaccination


This article offers nutritional suggestions that can support the immune system through vaccination. Research done from Ohio state university concludes that the success of a vaccine not only depends on the efficacy of the vaccine but also on the profile of the recipient (2). The suggestions have been mainly sourced from general research articles discussing [...]

Nutritional Support For Vaccination2022-04-30T00:00:17+00:00

KFibre | A Clinical Review


At Vive we are quickly becoming impressed by the results achieved with Kfibre. In this blog we will discuss how this Australian grown and made source of dietary fiber is producing such incredible results with a number of common health concerns including constipation, bloating, acid reflux, weight management and blood sugar control. This prebiotic fibre [...]

KFibre | A Clinical Review2022-04-29T23:58:49+00:00
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