Hana is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who uses a combination of herbal and nutraceutical prescriptions, functional pathology interpretation, and client focused dietary and lifestyle changes. Hana is passionate about supporting her clients holistically and takes into consideration lifestyle, cultural background, and budget into her treatment plans.

Hana draws upon her experience of managing her own health conditions, while working in high- paced environments as a chef and in the hospitality industry. She understands how difficult it can be managing health conditions while living busy lives and managing modern day stressors. This experience has helped her to meet her clients where they are and develop treatments plans that support the individual. Her background as a chef allows her to teach her clients new cooking techniques, flavours, expand their repertoire with ingredient selection, bulk meal prepping, and functional eating methods.

In addition to Naturopathic medicine, Hana strongly encourages the idea of “Integrative Medicine”. This idea focuses on well-coordinated care among different providers and specialists. It’s important to have a diverse team of health professionals working together to support you the best we can!

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