Herbal Infusions, Adding Herbs into your Daily Routine


Herbal Infusions can be a great way to sit down and enjoy your herbs, whilst also taking in all the goodness herbal blends can provide. Made from dried herbs, these can be made hot in a teapot, or made up in larger batches and placed in the fridge for something more refreshing.   Here are [...]

Herbal Infusions, Adding Herbs into your Daily Routine2023-05-26T23:29:50+00:00

Mexican Chilli Beans by Clinical Nutritionist Anna Morgan


Cause who doesn't love a warm and nourishing bowl of chilli beans on the chilly winters days. This delicious mexican chilli beans recipe is loaded with fibre, protein, vitamin, minerals, antioxidants & healthy fats (with the addition of organic sour cream or avocado). It's truly something comforting you can feel really good tucking into this [...]

Mexican Chilli Beans by Clinical Nutritionist Anna Morgan2022-06-30T08:28:49+00:00

Nutritional Support For Vaccination


This article offers nutritional suggestions that can support the immune system through vaccination. Research done from Ohio state university concludes that the success of a vaccine not only depends on the efficacy of the vaccine but also on the profile of the recipient (2). The suggestions have been mainly sourced from general research articles discussing [...]

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How To Prevent Dry Winter Skin


Zoe Satara | Clinical Nutritionist Our skin reflects our internal health. From what goes into the body to how the body processes it. In holistic medicine, dietary changes provide key nutrients beneficial for skin & tissue health, promoting clearer complexion, hydration, decreased redness and inflammation, wound healing, hormone control such as blood sugar (glycaemic) levels [...]

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Slow Cooked Organic Turkey Shanks | A Warming Winter Dish


Through-out winter we love nothing more than coming home to the smell of a slow-cooked meal. There truly is nothing that beats that aroma. This turkey number is the perfect healthy & nourishing comfort food. Turkey is one of our favourite animal proteins here at Vive. Naturally low in fat & rich in tryptophan, an [...]

Slow Cooked Organic Turkey Shanks | A Warming Winter Dish2019-07-01T00:27:55+00:00

Cold & Flu Prevention 101 | Our Top Tips


Yes, it's that time of year again.....the cold & flu session is getting scarily close. Luckily there is so much we can do to help prevent getting sick & also help our body recover, if in fact we do get sick.  Here are our top tips for getting through the flu session in-one-piece.     [...]

Cold & Flu Prevention 101 | Our Top Tips2018-05-21T01:29:27+00:00

Post-flu Recovery – Tips & Tricks


 Mindy Duncan (Naturopath) It’s been a really rough flu season this year, with the most recorded cases of Influenza A in almost 15 years. I think it's fair to say most of us need some time to recover & recuperate. A common scenario we see in here at Vive are those who have contracted the [...]

Post-flu Recovery – Tips & Tricks2017-09-03T04:52:41+00:00

The Many Health Benefits of Hemp!


by Mindy Duncan | Naturopath Now that we will no longer have to make 'body creams' with our beloved hemp seeds and can finally talk freely about the benefits of consuming this delicious seed it’s important we discuss the many, and there are many, benefits of this whole-food nutrient rich food source.   Just to [...]

The Many Health Benefits of Hemp!2017-06-30T23:56:29+00:00

The Kitchen with Bella and Claudia: Beetroot Brownies


In this episode of The Kitchen, Bella and Claudia show you how to make an easy, delicious and simple recipe of Beetroot Brownies. Yum!   What you'll need... 320g beetroot, grated raw (about 2.5 cups) 3 cups Protein Bread Co Pancake Mix 2 tbsp stevia 2 tbsp maple syrup pinch salt 1/2 cup Bonsoy 120g [...]

The Kitchen with Bella and Claudia: Beetroot Brownies2016-08-30T03:45:52+00:00



This is a breakfast I recommend to all of my clients - it's very quick and just divine! A breakfast like this is a great way to pack veggies into the start of your day and will keep you full all morning. Get creative with different spices and fresh herbs to change it up. You [...]

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