This article offers nutritional suggestions that can support the immune system through vaccination. Research done from Ohio state university concludes that the success of a vaccine not only depends on the efficacy of the vaccine but also on the profile of the recipient (2). The suggestions have been mainly sourced from general research articles discussing nutritional support for Immune support during Vaccination for CoVid19.
These are not imperative but are offered to individuals interested or needing nutrients that can support the detoxification process, the immune system, stress support and also nutrients to assist individuals prone to allergies.
The British Journal of Nutrition (4) stated that nutritional support during vaccination was beneficial for elderly individuals who were deficient in micronutrients and as well if they are frail.  Their findings were deducted from research done using the Influenza B vaccinations that highlighted that when micronutrient deficiencies were addressed the individuals had a more robust immune response to the vaccine (4).  The main nutrients that the European Food Safety Authority mentioned for supporting the immune response during vaccination were the following vitamins and minerals: Vit A, Vit B6, Vit B9, B12, Vit C, Vit D, Vit E, Zinc, Selenium, Iron and Copper.  The authors of this article stated their research indicated that elderly subjects who were supplementing nutritionally were shown to have a more robust response to vaccinations (1).

Image: Zimmermann, P. (2019). Factors affecting vaccination

As well as physical deficiencies having an impact on the efficacy of a vaccine so do mental and emotional stresses. Therefore, supporting mental and emotional health will possibly benefit the outcome of vaccination (2).  In the USA the purchase of alcohol increased by 54% during March of 2020 and online the increases of alcohol sales were up by 500%.  The significance of these statistics would be the added detox burden placed on individuals with increased alcohol intake (2).

Suggested Nutritional Support

Pre-Vaccination, During Vaccination and 2 weeks Post Vaccination

NAC:  N-Acetlycysteine stimulates Glutathione (which is a powerful antioxidant), promotes detoxification and acts as a scavenger of free radicals (3). Supporting liver & kidney detoxification may be beneficial. Other supportive nutrients & herbs to consider here may include Dandelion root, Turmeric, St. Mary’s Thistle, Taurine & Selenium.
Vitamin C: Vit C has been well researched with regard to it immune activity. Vit C provides important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune regulating activity post-vaccination, as well as preventing and/or reducing the during of the common cold. Alpha lipoic acid, which also has robust antioxidant activity, here may enhance these benefits when used in combination.
Mast cell support: Mast cells are white blood cells found at the entrance of body tissues such as ears, nose, throat skin, genitalia and rectum.  Their job is to protect but they can become over active and over stimulated in patients having an allergic reaction and result in an inflammatory condition.  Mast Cells stimulate the release of histamine, leukotrienes and cytokines which result in the characteristic allergic symptoms. Supporting mast cell function can be beneficial for all individuals but especially these who are prone to allergies. Nutrients & herbs which have been shown to support mast cell function include quercetin, vitamin C, Nigella & Perilla (5).
Tresos B: a great multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formula providing antioxidant as well as nutrients for supporting stress (adrenal/nervous) system and immune function.
Varied wholefoods diet: Malnutrition-induced immunodeficiency has been known to reduce the efficacy of vaccines. Maintaining a varied nutrient dense diet is important here. Healthy eating is important for maintaining robust immune function, poor nutrition may have a negative impact on our innate & adaptive immune function. Including sufficient dietary fibre is an important component of this. Dietary fibre is essential for supporting the microbiome which plays an important role in immune function and antibodies production.

Post Vaccination support

Natural Killer (NK) cell support: NK Cells provide extra support to the immune system during an acute health challenge. The following nutrients & herbs may support NK cell function: zinc, selenium, Astragalus, Shiitake & Maitake mushrooms & polyphenols (such as resveratrol).
Inflammatory support: Supporting the balance between pro-inflammatory & anti-inflammatory responses post vaccination can be helpful. N-acetylcysteine, turmeric, vitamin E tocotrienols & resveratrol may all be helpful here.
Come and have a chat if you want to follow any of this protocol, we will be happy to assist & tailor it to your individual needs.


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