Herbal Infusions can be a great way to sit down and enjoy your herbs, whilst also taking in all the goodness herbal blends can provide. Made from dried herbs, these can be made hot in a teapot, or made up in larger batches and placed in the fridge for something more refreshing.


Here are some recipe ideas to try, to create your own herbal infusions. You can make these up as needed, or put them together in a jar ready to go. The great thing about these recipes is that you can alter them for your own taste, adding different amounts of each ingredient or making it stronger or weaker as you like.


Energising Mix

These herbs can help to pick up your energy levels throughout the day, and having these each day after a while can help to regulate energy levels long term.

Equal parts of:




Siberian Ginseng




This is a wonderfully warming blend to help soothe digestive upset, and things like nausea, or bloating. If you tend to have reflux or heartburn-type symptoms, best to leave out the peppermint.

Try equal parts of the following:






Calming Blend 

Enjoy this throughout the day whenever you feel your stress levels rising, or that it’s time to take a break. It can also be lovely in the evenings when winding down for bed.




Lemon Balm



Or, if you’d like some other ideas, chat to us in store for some guidance. We have an huge range of dried herbs, and can help to create something just for you!