In Australia we live in a society that alcohol is “expected” to be enjoyed at just about every setting, event or even daily consumption. It appears that only if you are pregnant, is that a suitable “reason” as to why you wouldn’t be drinking with your friends/family.

As a clinical nutritionist I can tell you all the ways that alcohol is bad for you but I will only give you some examples:

1. Irritates the gut lining.
2. Affects the liver – In the liver alcohol (ethanol) gets metabolised to acetaldehyde, a highly toxic substance and known carcinogen. Then, acetaldehyde is further metabolized down to another, less active byproduct called acetate. This then is broken down into water and carbon dioxide for easy elimination. Alcohol metabolism also occurs in other parts of the body, so even though the length of time the body is exposed to acetaldehyde is relatively short, there is still is this highly toxic exposure, especially if multiple drinks are consumed.
3. Impacts your sleep.
4. Dehydrates you.
5. Can trigger menopausal symptoms and throw out your hormones.

I would love to tell you alcohol should be avoided (which it should), but realistically most people are going to drink this coming festive season/summer… You can make an informed choice of whether you do want to continue to drink or perhaps drink less than you have been.

If you are choosing to drink alcohol, then yes there are some “better” choices that could be made.

Here are some “healthier” alcohol choices you can make:
1. Red wine – has antioxidants – although this may not be suited to people who have digestive issues who can’t tolerate fermented drinks or tannins.
2. Gin and Tonic – clear spirits have less sugar and can be tolerated better generally.
3. Vodka, lime and soda, especially if you get fresh lime juice
4. Try to avoid pre-mixed drinks as they contain the most sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives.
5. Opt for juices or soda instead of soft drinks in your spirits or have them neat/”on the rocks”.
6. If you can find organic/biodynamic or preservative free alcohol that is another “healthier” alternative.

Drinking as much water in between and after you drink is optimal.
*disclaimer – alcohol should be drunk in moderation and limiting your drinks or avoiding alcohol will give you greater health benefits.

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