Our increasingly busy and demanding lives can result in enduring prolonged periods of stress which can come at us from multiple sources. The emotional, physical and mental demands on our mind and body can become overwhelming which can often affects every aspect of our lives. To maintain good health and happiness we need to put some focus on how to manage our down time effectively to combat the unhealthy effects of stress.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a part of our nervous system which regulates our bodies involuntary actions to keep it in ‘homeostasis’ or balance. The ANS is responsible for regulating hormones, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and more. Two branches of the ANS are the ‘Sympathetic Nervous System’ or the ‘fight or flight’ response and the ‘Parasympathetic Nervous System’ or the ‘rest and digest response’ and they work together to create and maintain balance for good health.

We all know that prolonged stress levels are not good for us and can lead to health complications including poor sleep quality, headaches, digestive issues, painful joints, elevated heart rate, over active brain and the list goes on. These symptoms can often seem random and we tend to push through, take a pill and ignore them but our body’s telling us there is an imbalance emotionally, physically or mentally or a combination. Sometimes when symptoms are ignored, disease can follow including thyroid illness, chronic migraines, inflammatory arthritis, mental health illness, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions.

Experiencing symptoms and illnesses is a sign that you are existing in the ‘sympathetic nervous system’ or ‘fight or flight response’ which can result in ‘sympathetic dominance’ effectively shutting out the ‘rest and digest’ response. While the ‘fight or flight’ response naturally motivates us to take action to deal with a demand, it is not a healthy state to be in for extended periods. We all need to take conscious steps to manage our stress so we can thrive in the ‘rest and digest’ response to promote health and healing instead of just surviving in stress.

Bowen Therapy treats the mind and the body in a deeply relaxing, gentle, caring and holistic way and helps reduce both the mental, emotional and physical aspects of stress. Bowen Therapists say we ‘talk to the nervous system’ as each Bowen move sends an impulse to the central nervous system which sends back a response to reset and balance the body as well as treat painful symptoms. Within the first 4 moves of a Bowen treatment your nervous system is shifted out of the ‘fight or flight’ response to the ‘rest and digest’ response allowing the body to immediately start that much needed healing and balancing process.


If you are feeling out of balance or experiencing pain and symptoms of stress – ‘sympathetic dominance’ then consider Bowen Therapy to help. Talk to me about a treatment plan and experience deep relaxation, reduction of pain and stress in the body.

Sarah Fleming is a qualified Bowen Therapist. To book in with  Sarah or to find out more information about what she does click this link.