New Clinical Naturopath – Hana Reza


Hana is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath who uses a combination of herbal and nutraceutical prescriptions, functional pathology interpretation, and client focused dietary and lifestyle changes. Hana is passionate about supporting her clients holistically and takes into consideration lifestyle, cultural background, and budget into her treatment plans. Hana draws upon her experience of managing her own [...]

New Clinical Naturopath – Hana Reza2024-01-31T06:35:57+00:00

What is the Difference Between 'Practitioner Only' & 'Over-the-Counter' Supplements?


A common question we get asked at Vive is what the differences between ‘Over-the-Counter’ (OTC)  and ‘Practitioner Only’ (PO) products are. There are some important differences with regards to quality & efficacy between them that are important to discuss. As practitioners, we care deeply about efficacy, safety & prescribing reliable, quality formulas that have evidence to back [...]

What is the Difference Between 'Practitioner Only' & 'Over-the-Counter' Supplements?2021-02-03T23:40:38+00:00

Why Adaptogen Herbs are Essential for Supporting our Long-term Well-being


Mindy Duncan | Clinical Naturopath Nourish Naturopathy As Naturopaths we like to think of adaptogens as our secret weapons. Adaptogens by definition increase the resistance to physical, environmental, emotional or biological stressors, and restore normal physiological function to the body. They are known as ‘whole-body tonics’. In other words, during times of chronic or increased stress, [...]

Why Adaptogen Herbs are Essential for Supporting our Long-term Well-being2019-11-25T01:56:15+00:00
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