Melatonin – Do I need to supplement?


Most people I work with in clinic have trouble sleeping.  They either can’t fall asleep or they can’t stay asleep. The first thing that comes to mind is Melatonin. What is Melatonin? It is a hormone produced by the pineal gland.  Throughout early life it is made in abundance and hence why babies and young [...]

Melatonin – Do I need to supplement?2022-09-02T01:32:20+00:00

Theories of Aging | Why Do We Want to Know This


Written by Marilyn Lemaire | Naturopath & Master Herbalist Aging is happening to all of us.   My peer group, the “Baby Boomers” are reaching the time of their lives when they are the new “Senior’s”. The Health Care System is afraid of the impact our health will have on the government ‘s health budget.  As [...]

Theories of Aging | Why Do We Want to Know This2019-08-31T00:17:04+00:00
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