The Power of Our Beliefs by Katina Gleeson


by Katina Gleeson (Focus Hypnotherapy) Without exception everyone I have worked with is smart.  They know that the habit they have come to see me about, for instance smoking, overeating, drinking excessively, feeling anxious, fear of public speaking to name just a few, are depriving them of enjoyment in life.  They also know there is [...]

The Power of Our Beliefs by Katina Gleeson2020-09-24T05:53:43+00:00

What is Self Esteem?


By Delappe’ Russell ‘I am not what has happened to me…I choose what I become.’ Carl Jung. Self Esteem is the feelings you have about yourself. Having self efficacy is the belief that you have of yourself about your capabilities to set and reach goals. It is the degree to which you feel worthy, capable, [...]

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