Fertility & Pre-Pregnancy Support Massage


Merakai Therapies offer complete support of women on their journey to motherhood.  Specialised training in fertility and pre-pregnancy support, combined with their remedial and extensive pregnancy massage training means they are able to offer safe, nurturing, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment to support your pre-pregnancy journey. Pre-pregnancy and fertility support massages assists clients preparing to [...]

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3 Easy to Learn Fertility Acupressure Points | Fertility Support


Bob Wong | Acupuncturist  & Traditional Chinese Medicine What is Acupressure Massage? Acupressure is a therapeutic, non-invasive style of massage based off the acupuncture system of meridians and channels. This style of massage has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 3500 years! Acupressure massage uses a combination of relaxation & deep tissue massage [...]

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Three Ways Acupuncture can Improve Fertility & Conception


Bob Wong | Art of Acupuncture For many couples, trying to fall pregnant can be a time full of joy & excitement, anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy. Unfortunately for many others it can become a stressful & frustrating experience,with many couples left feeling defeated & confused. If this is you, you are [...]

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