Caesarean Scar Work with Merakai Therapies


Merakai Therapies Whether you have a planned caesarean or an emergency caesarean it may be a daunting experience to prepare for, and recover from. Bringing your baby into our world safely is always the highest priority for you and your medical staff. Let’s go over some of the things to consider in preparing for a [...]

Caesarean Scar Work with Merakai Therapies2020-11-30T06:07:51+00:00

Do you have wrist pain during your pregnancy?


by Jodie Isle | Merakai Massage   With the increased fluid and changes to your body posture most women experience new aches and pains during pregnancy.  Some women will develop pain in their wrist(s), which may radiate down to their thumb/fingers and be accompanied by numbness, or pins and needles.  If you are experiencing this [...]

Do you have wrist pain during your pregnancy?2017-08-28T04:02:19+00:00

Pregnancy Pelvic Pain


by Jodie Isles | Remedial Massage Therapist ....I’m going to call it pregnancy triple P   So many women say: "My hips and pelvis feel like they are “falling apart”, my hips just ache all the time or at night, when I walk my pelvis feels unstable and sore, and/or I have pain in the [...]

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