Prebiotics – the key to a balanced microbiome?


 By Lena Moynihan | Naturopath You probably have some understanding of probiotics and their significance to digestive health, but have you heard of prebiotics? Interestingly, prebiotics are increasingly considered of more importance to digestive health and the promotion of a balanced gut microbiome.   So what is a prebiotic? Similar to dietary fibres, prebiotics are [...]

Prebiotics – the key to a balanced microbiome?2016-12-31T00:09:20+00:00

Do you have “Sitting Syndrome”?


By Marilyn Lemaire   Is it possible that a simple change like “Standing more” could increase life span by years?   There are many recognized addictive behaviors but most of us would have never considered that an addiction to sitting could be having a serious impact on our life span.   The Mayo clinic reports [...]

Do you have “Sitting Syndrome”?2016-05-30T03:34:08+00:00
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