How "Sitting Syndrome" Contributes to Chronic Metabolic Disease


By Marilyn Lemaire, Co-Owner and Naturopath at VIVE   Prolonged Sitting Gardiner (4) conducted a study with 1,958 Australian individuals between the ages of 60-69 to evaluate the effects of prolonged sitting on Metabolic Syndrome.  The results showed that prolonged sitting in women led to a decrease in the HDL cholesterol, poorer glucose tolerance, and [...]

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Metabolic Syndrome – What Will It Take To Change You?


By Marilyn Lemaire and Isabella Walton, Naturopaths at VIVE I wrote this article on Metabolic Syndrome because I have an intense interest on how prolonged sitting contributes to this syndrome (prolonged sitting is covered here). This article precedes that, intended to generate awareness of this lifestyle disease.  “Lifestyle Diseases” cripple our health care system and [...]

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Do you have “Sitting Syndrome”?


By Marilyn Lemaire   Is it possible that a simple change like “Standing more” could increase life span by years?   There are many recognized addictive behaviors but most of us would have never considered that an addiction to sitting could be having a serious impact on our life span.   The Mayo clinic reports [...]

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