Self-Compassion: Become Your Own Best Friend


By Nicki McCosker-Dell Meet Gerald (the giraffe) and his kids, Bluey, Dear Dog and Griff.  Stay with me here, just let your inner six-year-old take over for a moment; he or she thinks this makes complete sense so far.  Never mind that Gerald's wife is a bear, (her name is Dancing Bear, you will meet [...]

Self-Compassion: Become Your Own Best Friend2016-08-15T01:06:21+00:00

The Freedom of Trauma Resolution


Mentally and emotionally painful experiences, if left unacknowledged and unresolved, can hold us back in many ways. Traumatic memories that are not worked through effectively can manifest their need for attention as physical or psychological symptoms, or as patterns of self-limiting behaviours. Today it is well recognised that psychological trauma can be created by events [...]

The Freedom of Trauma Resolution2015-10-13T03:43:19+00:00
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