Do You Invest in Yourself?


  By Nicki McCosker-Dell | Counsellor Life sure can feel overwhelming and unpredictable sometimes, which is of course part of the human experience, but nonetheless this can be quite destabilising. We naturally crave security and a sense of equilibrium, and even more so if we are regularly exposed to the world through the lens of [...]

Do You Invest in Yourself?2017-06-16T01:23:00+00:00

Self-Compassion: Become Your Own Best Friend


By Nicki McCosker-Dell Meet Gerald (the giraffe) and his kids, Bluey, Dear Dog and Griff.  Stay with me here, just let your inner six-year-old take over for a moment; he or she thinks this makes complete sense so far.  Never mind that Gerald's wife is a bear, (her name is Dancing Bear, you will meet [...]

Self-Compassion: Become Your Own Best Friend2016-08-15T01:06:21+00:00
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