How to Make Your Own Gut Loving Kombucha


At Vive we absolutely adore Kombucha! Not only is it super refreshing (especially this time of year) & delicious but its contains a wide variety of gut loving bacteria & enzymes which assist in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Ingredients 1 cup Organic Raw Sugar** 5-8 Organic Black Tea Bags (green tea or [...]

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Traditional Sauerkraut Recipe (wild fermentation)


Ingredients: 1 x medium cabbage finely shreded 1 - 2 tbsp Murray river Sea Salt 2 Tsp Caraway Seeds Method: combine ingredients in a large clean mixing bowl massage cabbage thoroughly with hands to release juices transfer cabbage to clean jars or crock, pressing down firmly until the brine covers the cabbage use a clean [...]

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Are Fermented Foods just a Fad?


You would need to be living under a rock if you were not aware that fermented/cultured food is all the go at the moment.  On social media there are people taking pictures of their home-made fermented products, the paleo people are talking about them, in your health food store there are fermented products ready to [...]

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