1 x medium cabbage finely shreded
1 – 2 tbsp Murray river Sea Salt
2 Tsp Caraway Seeds

  • combine ingredients in a large clean mixing bowl
  • massage cabbage thoroughly with hands to release juices
  • transfer cabbage to clean jars or crock, pressing down firmly until the brine covers the cabbage
  • use a clean weigth to ensure brine rises above cabbage – if using a crock use the provided stone weights. If using your own pot or jar try using something smaller like a ramican etc
  • This traditional sauerkraut recipe is best when left to sit for 3-4 weeks prior to eating
  • transfer to cold storage – enjoy

If mould or fungus appears on top of your brine it may indicate contamination. When this occurs it’s best to discard batch, clean all instruments thoroughly, and start again.

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