Children and Herbal Treatments


As many of you know, at VIVE we love making herbal formulas to support the health of our customers. Matt, Mindy, Georgie, Linda and Marilyn are Herbalists that have years of experience with the strength and ability of herbs to support wellness. We now have an herbal dispensary with herbs that are not in alcohol [...]

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Herbal Medicines that Increase Breast Milk Supply


Galactagogues are a group of medicines or agents that are believed to or have been proven to help breast milk production at the beginning of breast feeding or for the continuation of feeding. Herbs have a long history, in many cultures, of being recommended and used to stimulate breast milk production. Studies have been conducted [...]

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How to Make Your Own Gut Loving Kombucha


At Vive we absolutely adore Kombucha! Not only is it super refreshing (especially this time of year) & delicious but its contains a wide variety of gut loving bacteria & enzymes which assist in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Ingredients 1 cup Organic Raw Sugar** 5-8 Organic Black Tea Bags (green tea or [...]

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Cold & Flu Prevention 101 | Our Top Tips


Yes, it's that time of year again.....the cold & flu session is getting scarily close. Luckily there is so much we can do to help prevent getting sick & also help our body recover, if in fact we do get sick.  Here are our top tips for getting through the flu session in-one-piece.     [...]

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The Impact of Chronic Stress on your Health


Mindy Duncan | Clinical Naturopath Stress is something we’ve become all too familiar with as it now appears to be a permanent phenomenon of modern life. It’s very normal to experience stress. The human body was built to cope brilliantly with a certain amount of daily stress. After all, it’s how we build resilience & [...]

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It’s time to focus on a better you | February Special


Did you make a new year’s resolution to improve your health….. but you are not sure where to start? Naturopath Therese Hodgkinson can help guide you along your health journey. Therese uses a balanced yet professional approach to improve overall health & well being. She has seen both sides of the “health coin” by working [...]

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The Importance of Stomach Acid in Digestive Health


by Mindy Duncan | Clinical Naturopath We talk a lot about the importance of good digestive health here at Vive. Why pre-biotics are essential, which probiotics are most beneficial for certain conditions & generally how to optimise your microbiome. However, one aspect of digestive function that often gets overlooked is stomach (gastric) acid and its importance [...]

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Post-flu Recovery – Tips & Tricks


 Mindy Duncan (Naturopath) It’s been a really rough flu season this year, with the most recorded cases of Influenza A in almost 15 years. I think it's fair to say most of us need some time to recover & recuperate. A common scenario we see in here at Vive are those who have contracted the [...]

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Let's Talk About Flax


                                                       by Therese Hodgkinson (Naturopath) Flax Meal, Golden Flax, Brown Flax   Did you know that Flaxseed (aka linseed) is not only a great source of omega 3 fatty acid but also: fibre, protein, minerals, isoflavones & lignans? No wonder this nutritious little seed has been consumed since 3000BC!! The phytonutrients in [...]

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What’s the deal with Prebiotics?


Probiotics have long been a topic of discussion for numerous reasons, namely the well-researched positive impacts they have on many aspects of human health. However their equally, if not more beneficial counterparts prebiotics, are rarely mentioned. So what exactly are they and why are they so important? Firstly....What exactly is a prebiotic? A prebiotic is [...]

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