Resilience Program with Irenee Brookes


Learn Intelligent Energy Self-Regulation Techniques for optimum functioning and wellbeing. Do you have a belief that worrying shows that you care and as life goes on you’ve turned into a constant worrier? Do you have good intentions to break old outworn patterns that don’t serve you but get distracted and fall back into the easy [...]

Resilience Program with Irenee Brookes2023-05-27T06:11:51+00:00

Total Wellness Program


Are your health and wellness goals for 2017 on track? This could be the perfect opportunity for a check-in. If you are unsure, or overwhelmed about where to begin, these Complete Wellness Programs are perfect for you. We’ve teamed up with Cultivate Calm Yoga to offer you a holistic and tailor made wellness plan. Whether [...]

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