Learn Intelligent Energy Self-Regulation Techniques for optimum functioning and wellbeing.

Do you have a belief that worrying shows that you care and as life goes on you’ve turned into a constant worrier?

Do you have good intentions to break old outworn patterns that don’t serve you but get distracted and fall back into the easy and familiar?

Do feelings of impatience, frustration or even anger deplete you of your energy and keep you up at night?

Do you struggle with the concept of “positivity” and see it as an idealism?


Well, you are not alone!!


It is a fact that if you don’t change your physiology and establish a new coherent baseline, you can’t sustain change.  You must change your physiology and the rest with a little practice becomes your new healthy norm.


Learning to become more self-aware and then being able to self-regulate our emotions doesn’t come from our head it starts in our heart.  Our physical heart is way more than a blood pumping machine and it is the key to being grounded, balanced, and feeling more joy however the external environment presents itself.

It is also the key to help change a chaotic environment into a more balanced and lighter space.


The Institute of HearthMath® Resilience Advantage Program has 30 years of evidence-based research and teaches simple techniques to becoming ‘coherent’.  The science is complex, but the tools are discerningly simple….so simple, people don’t believe it can be done until they experience it for themselves.


If you relate to this and want to learn more, Irenee is running a 6-week program at Vive Health starting on Monday 3rd July at 6pm to 7th August.  Limited spaces available.


Private sessions are also available.


To register please email irenee@inspirationalvibration.com  or call/SMS 0402 237 470.