Do You Invest in Yourself?


  By Nicki McCosker-Dell | Counsellor Life sure can feel overwhelming and unpredictable sometimes, which is of course part of the human experience, but nonetheless this can be quite destabilising. We naturally crave security and a sense of equilibrium, and even more so if we are regularly exposed to the world through the lens of [...]

Do You Invest in Yourself?2017-06-16T01:23:00+00:00

The Gift of Resilience


Resilience… it is a far reaching concept.  What enables us, as individuals, as families, and as communities to survive and adapt well in the face of adversity?  Or for that matter, how do we get through each passing day in our modern world of high-stress, fast-paced activity, over stimulation and seemingly endless demands – and [...]

The Gift of Resilience2015-08-09T08:19:16+00:00
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