Nutritional Support For Vaccination


This article offers nutritional suggestions that can support the immune system through vaccination. Research done from Ohio state university concludes that the success of a vaccine not only depends on the efficacy of the vaccine but also on the profile of the recipient (2). The suggestions have been mainly sourced from general research articles discussing [...]

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Cold & Flu Prevention 101 | Our Top Tips


Yes, it's that time of year again.....the cold & flu session is getting scarily close. Luckily there is so much we can do to help prevent getting sick & also help our body recover, if in fact we do get sick.  Here are our top tips for getting through the flu session in-one-piece.     [...]

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Post-flu Recovery – Tips & Tricks


 Mindy Duncan (Naturopath) It’s been a really rough flu season this year, with the most recorded cases of Influenza A in almost 15 years. I think it's fair to say most of us need some time to recover & recuperate. A common scenario we see in here at Vive are those who have contracted the [...]

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