Salicylates– What are they all about?


Salicylate intolerance has been known for around 100 years, but this is still something that is not commonly thought of in the first instance for many conditions. Salicylates are a group of chemicals derived from salicylic acid which can occur naturally in plant foods and are also chemically made such as medications - the most [...]

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How To Support Your Body Post Festive Season


Megan Crockart | Balancing Nutrition I’ve had clients uncertain as to whether they should do a detox or not, especially around this time of year.  Some clients want to lose some weight and don’t know where to start first.  In most cases I feel a detox is a great way to start weight loss. A detox [...]

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Vive Health – Nutritionist – Megan Crockart


        Megan has always held an interest in food (a self confessed "Foodie" but also years of home cooking) along with health, fitness and exercise.  Megan was drawn to natural therapies as they can be used for so many conditions, not just one illness/condition with rarely the side effects pharmaceutical drugs have, [...]

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Foods and Supplements for Gut Health


By Megan Crockart | Nutritionist As a natural therapist, gut health is paramount, therefore in my own personal regime, I focus quite strongly on foods and supplements to support good gut health. Plus as a nutritionist gut health and digestive issues is one of my key areas of interest.  In this article I have expanded [...]

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