Vive Health – Nutritionist – Megan Crockart


        Megan has always held an interest in food (a self confessed "Foodie" but also years of home cooking) along with health, fitness and exercise.  Megan was drawn to natural therapies as they can be used for so many conditions, not just one illness/condition with rarely the side effects pharmaceutical drugs have, [...]

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Raw Food Isn't A Raw Deal – Here's Why We Love it!


If you’ve heard about raw food and assumed it’s just uncooked food. You are correct. Sort of. Raw food is uncooked food, but technically speaking, it is food that hasn’t been heated above 46 degrees centigrade (115 degrees Fahrenheit). So while it can mean uncooked foods, the more accepted definition is that raw food is [...]

Raw Food Isn't A Raw Deal – Here's Why We Love it!2015-04-04T14:49:22+00:00
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