Be in the Now – Live Life with Awareness


How quickly time seems to pass.  One moment it's Easter then within a blink of an eye it's Christmas and New Year. Being in the present helps to be aware of how you are travelling with your goals, health, wealth, behaviours and life in general.  Otherwise it can feel like it's all just flying by [...]

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Self-Compassion: Become Your Own Best Friend


By Nicki McCosker-Dell Meet Gerald (the giraffe) and his kids, Bluey, Dear Dog and Griff.  Stay with me here, just let your inner six-year-old take over for a moment; he or she thinks this makes complete sense so far.  Never mind that Gerald's wife is a bear, (her name is Dancing Bear, you will meet [...]

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A Guide to Mindful Eating


Eating is a fundamental activity that allows our bodies to gain the nutrients and vitamins that we need to function in the day-to-day. But how many of us are actually present when we eat? How many of us are trying to multitask as we eat? How many of us are oblivious to the taste and [...]

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