How quickly time seems to pass.  One moment it’s Easter then within a blink of an eye it’s Christmas and New Year.
Being in the present helps to be aware of how you are travelling with your goals, health, wealth, behaviours and life in general.  Otherwise it can feel like it’s all just flying by without realising it until well down the track.
Would you prefer to be in the moment and present, rather than time just disappearing and skipping through the months without even noticing how quickly life happens?
When we live in the moment we are more aware of everything; from what we are doing, how we are feeling, our behaviours and actions.  Being present or in the moment is being able to leave the fifty things that are on the list to do and focus on the here and now. This very present moment is here to be experienced.
Indeed I do love that saying “the present is called the present because it is a gift”and what better way to experience that gift than to actually be present in the now.
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How healthy is your “being in the moment”?   One way to reflect is to ask yourself if you really listen when people talk to you, or are you thinking about your answer or the to do list?  If you are present when chatting with someone you would be genuinely listening when they speak, and I mean  listening; hearing what they are saying and having a conversation with a natural flow to it.
It can be challenging to be present, it might just be too painful for the person on some level to be in the moment 100%. It might be a survival instinct to literally be beside themselves rather than stay present and connected.  There are many reasons that we might unconsciously decide to not be present. Being aware you are in the moment could be a new approach for you to be more connected to what you are doing.  It can be a wonderful experience to be more aware on a conscious level, it brings a true sense of being to your authentic self and things seem to just flow.
Perhaps you may like to do a “being present” check; are you present and in the now more often than not or does it need some additional tweaking?  If you feel you need to be more in the now, try being aware of what you are doing, even if you are washing up or mowing, be in the now, the present and enjoy the experience of the tasks or situation you are in.  If you find yourself not present and not in the moment then you have the choice to bring your mind back to what you are doing and experience the here and now.  It’s really about being mindful of what you are doing and how it can create more fulfilling moments.
May you take the challenge to be more in the present, in the now and by doing so you are being more mindful, more aware and creating self evolution.
If you feel you would like some support to be more present and aligned to the now, Kinesiology and Reiki are both supportive modalities in many facets, if you feel you would like to make an appointment please call VIVE Clinic 07 3399 1002 to make an appointment and I look forward to working with you.
I trust you will be more aware of being in the moment as its  really helpful for self awareness.
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Best wishes for a healthy, peaceful and safe 2017 filled with joy for all.
Joanne Smith | Kinesiology Practitioner & Reiki Master