Slippery Elm | Why It's One Of Our Most Recommended Products!


I’m sure many of us have heard or even tried Slippery Elm before? As a Naturopath it’s one of our secret weapons. It’s a true chameleon in the gut. With the capacity to address a number of common digestive complaints including constipation, loose bowels & reflux. It’s gentle, very easy to incorporate into the daily [...]

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How to Make Your Own Gut Loving Kombucha


At Vive we absolutely adore Kombucha! Not only is it super refreshing (especially this time of year) & delicious but its contains a wide variety of gut loving bacteria & enzymes which assist in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. Ingredients 1 cup Organic Raw Sugar** 5-8 Organic Black Tea Bags (green tea or [...]

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What’s the deal with Prebiotics?


Probiotics have long been a topic of discussion for numerous reasons, namely the well-researched positive impacts they have on many aspects of human health. However their equally, if not more beneficial counterparts prebiotics, are rarely mentioned. So what exactly are they and why are they so important? Firstly....What exactly is a prebiotic? A prebiotic is [...]

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Are Fermented Foods just a Fad?


You would need to be living under a rock if you were not aware that fermented/cultured food is all the go at the moment.  On social media there are people taking pictures of their home-made fermented products, the paleo people are talking about them, in your health food store there are fermented products ready to [...]

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7 Effective Ways to Guard Yourself From Cold & Flu


That time of the year is upon us again. The time where fighting contagious viral infections also known as the cold and flu becomes a daily obsession. Runny noses, coughing, sore throats, fever, headaches, weird skin pallor and general tiredness. We know how unpleasant it is. So we thought we'd put together our top 7 [...]

7 Effective Ways to Guard Yourself From Cold & Flu2015-05-29T08:38:05+00:00
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