Resilience Program with Irenee Brookes


Learn Intelligent Energy Self-Regulation Techniques for optimum functioning and wellbeing. Do you have a belief that worrying shows that you care and as life goes on you’ve turned into a constant worrier? Do you have good intentions to break old outworn patterns that don’t serve you but get distracted and fall back into the easy [...]

Resilience Program with Irenee Brookes2023-05-27T06:11:51+00:00

The Gift of Resilience


Resilience… it is a far reaching concept.  What enables us, as individuals, as families, and as communities to survive and adapt well in the face of adversity?  Or for that matter, how do we get through each passing day in our modern world of high-stress, fast-paced activity, over stimulation and seemingly endless demands – and [...]

The Gift of Resilience2015-08-09T08:19:16+00:00
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