Herbal Infusions, Adding Herbs into your Daily Routine


Herbal Infusions can be a great way to sit down and enjoy your herbs, whilst also taking in all the goodness herbal blends can provide. Made from dried herbs, these can be made hot in a teapot, or made up in larger batches and placed in the fridge for something more refreshing.   Here are [...]

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Magnesium – The Miracle Mineral!


by Leia Mulroy | Clinical Nutritionist Have you ever wondered why so many practitioners recommend Magnesium? Magnesium is involved in 354 enzyme and chemical reactions in the human body. With 35% of the body’s total Magnesium stores are found in the muscle and 50% in the bone. No wonder its called the miracle mineral! Where [...]

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GMO Foods


GMO seminar at QB Conference Centre @ Gaythorne GMO foods in our diet is something we should all have a say in. As David Suzuki,a reputable genealogist and environmental crusader, advises that we should give GMO foods a very wide steer. There is an upcoming GMO food planning seminar coming up, this is [...]

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