How do you speak with yourself?


by Katina Gleeson (Hypnotherapist & Counsellor) Do you speak harshly, frequently telling yourself how you aren’t good enough or smart enough or don’t have enough motivation or will power? Or do you speak more gently – perhaps the way you speak with people you care about? And why is this important? I have written before [...]

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Building Supportive Habits and Hypnosis


Katina Gleeson | Hypnotherapist   I remember going to gym and tearing the bicep tendon in my right arm.  The pain was excruciating and the injury took months to heal.  My memory now of that time is the struggle I had in learning to brush my teeth with my left arm. Pain forced me to [...]

Building Supportive Habits and Hypnosis2016-10-31T05:18:38+00:00

It's Spring – Time for a Spring Clean?


By Katina Gleeson Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mental Health Accredited Social Worker   I am so privileged to do the work that I do – the opportunity to work with the people that I work with and the training I attend. Last year I attended a workshop by Dawson Church, PhD. Dawson has been a huge [...]

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