Katina Gleeson | Hypnotherapist
I remember going to gym and tearing the bicep tendon in my right arm.  The pain was excruciating and the injury took months to heal.  My memory now of that time is the struggle I had in learning to brush my teeth with my left arm.

Pain forced me to break away from my old habit of holding my toothbrush with my right hand, and kept me motivated to developing a new positive habit – certainly a habit that didn’t cause me pain.  Brushing my teeth using my left hand quickly became my new habit.

In my clinic I see people when they are no longer prepared to endure the pain of an old habit. Pain takes so many forms; emotional and physical.  The pain inducing habits that I see people wanting to put in their past are varied.  Perhaps overeating, smoking, drinking, self doubt, poor self esteem, anger, loss … and at the core of it all … anxiety.
Hypnosis can be a very effective modality for You will be amazed at how good you feel.building new habits that support people to experience lives that genuinely reflect who they know they are.  I frequently hear people say, “I want to feel like me.”
If you want to feel more like you and without the battle of relying on will power, hypnosis can support you in a gentle and powerful way to develop new constructive habits.
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