Easy & Healthy Alternatives to Processed Foods

By Katina Gleeson

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mental Health Accredited Social Worker

I am so privileged to do the work that I do – the opportunity to work with the people that I work with and the training I attend.
Last year I attended a workshop by Dawson Church, PhD. Dawson has been a huge inspiration for me. Dawson’s area of study is epigenetics.

Epigenetics explores how our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and experiences can trigger the expression of the genes that effect our immune system, our resistance to disease, our energy levels and our general well being.

Dawson spoke of powerful strategies for creating positive health effects in the human body and mind. Dawson is devoted to the scientific process and will only advocate strategies which have been rigorously researched. A simple strategy he encourages is resting your tongue on the floor of your mouth to trigger the relaxation (parasympathetic) response.
Dawson also teaches Emotional Freedom Technique (also know as EFT or tapping). Perhaps you saw Olympians tapping before their events at the Rio games?
Dawson also advocates the practice of strategies which give us time away from beta brainwave frequencies. Beta waves are commonly observed while we are awake and may lead us to experiencing excessive stress and/or anxiety. Meditation and hypnosis are strategies for accessing alternative brainwave frequencies which support health and restoration.
If you would like to discuss how clinical hypnotherapy and/or EFT might support you achieve improved emotional and physical health contact me –Katina Gleeson Master
Katina Gleeson
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mental Health Accredited Social Worker
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