Healthy Dessert & Sweet Treat Favourites from the VIVE team


Peter Christinson (Student Naturopath) Whether it's been a long day at work and you're still a bit peckish after dinner, or you're just a little brain-dead and looking for some serious nourishment after a study session, this is a quick, easy and nutritious treat, which satisfies every time. With a base of yoghurt this treat [...]

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Yoghurty Grape Delight


Ingredients 2 Tablespoons coconut yoghurt Small handful grapes Small handful berries fresh or frozenĀ  (mixed or just raspberries or blueberries) Handful The Monday Co Paleo Granola Pecan, Pear and Vanilla (or any other granola/muesli) Drizzle maple syrup This would be a great breakfast or dessert recipe Quick, healthy, and delicious breakfast done! Recipe by Megan [...]

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