Lowering LDL Cholesterol with Phytosterols


Marilyn Lemaire (Master Herbalist) Phytosterols are compounds that have a similar chemical structure to cholesterol.  They are found in significant doses in vegetable oils such wheat germ oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil, almond oil and olive oil.  They are also found in in smaller amounts in vegetables and fruits. Phytosterols have the ability [...]

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Vive Health – Master Herbalist – Marilyn Lemaire


Qualifications Bachelor of Naturopathy Dip. Herbal Med. Masters Herbal Medicine   Professional Interests Herbal Medicine Gluten Free Foods Stress Management Health & Well-being     For the last 25 years Health Foods and Herbal Medicine have been two of Marilyn’s favourite interests. Marilyn's interest in health foods began in Canada and then after immigrating to [...]

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Vive Health – Sports Nutritionist and Naturopath – Matt Steinacher


Qualifications Grad Dip Sport Nutrition (IOC) BHSc Complementary Medicine Adv. Dip. Naturopathy Adv. Dip. Nutrition Dip. Herbal Medicine     Professional Interests Energy and nutrition for sport and exercise Nutritional components of anti-aging medicine Auto-immune   Matt is a highly qualified and educated Naturopath with a personal interest in evidence based approaches to Sports and [...]

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Vive Health – Naturopath – Mindy Pearson


   Qualification Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) Registered Practitioner with Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) Currently studying Bachelor of Midwifery (Griffith University) Professional Interests Menstrual Health Thyroid Health Preconception & Fertility Intuitive Eating & Health at Every Size Chronic Stress Support Peri-menopause & Menopause Adolescent Hormonal Support (i.e. acne, stress & menstruation)     My [...]

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Go-to, quick-and-easy, 'I've-got-nothing-planned-for-dinner' favorites from the VIVE team


Mindy Duncan (Naturopath) My go-to, quick & easy, meal I can prepare with my eyes-closed, with whatever left over veggies I have in the fridge is my 'Lentil Bolognese'. I always have tinned beans, lentils & tomatoes on hand as they are such versatile staples that I can easily prepare nutritious & satisfying meals from. Every single [...]

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Total Wellness Program


Are your health and wellness goals for 2017 on track? This could be the perfect opportunity for a check-in. If you are unsure, or overwhelmed about where to begin, these Complete Wellness Programs are perfect for you. We’ve teamed up with Cultivate Calm Yoga to offer you a holistic and tailor made wellness plan. Whether [...]

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A Naturopath's Guide to Better Sleep: Part II


  By Mikaela Duffy | Naturopath & Nutritionist   In my previous article (here), I discuss some fundamental food types that can support and improve sleep, and outline the reasons sleep is so important for our overall health.  It is also important to note that there are different types of insomnia or sleep issues, which [...]

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A Naturopath's Guide to Better Sleep


By Mikaela Duffy | Naturopath & Nutritionist Sleep!  A subject close to my heart, both on a personal level (my weak spot when life gets busy or difficult), as well as professionally.  A great majority of people I see in my clinical practice claim to have less than satisfying sleep patterns - be it difficulties [...]

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Vive Health – Naturopath – Linda Brown


A Little About Me... *Note - Linda is temporarily not taking new appointment. Please email contact@vivehealth.com.au if you have a referral or would like to be placed onto her appointment waiting list.  Hi, I’m Linda Brown and I’m very lucky to have practiced clinical Nutrition and Naturopathy for over 20 years, with a combined biomedical and [...]

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Which probiotic is right for you?


By Lena Moynihan, Naturopath (BHSc.) Did you know that different probiotic species have different actions? Increasingly evidence is emerging implicating specific probiotic species and strains in the treatment of various ailments. It can be challenging at times to navigate the vast array of available probiotics. Of course it is always best to consult a naturopath [...]

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