Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful modality that supports people in the quest for positive change in their lives.  It is a simple technique to learn and as such is an empowering self-care method.  I am finding that incorporating EFT with hypnotherapy is supporting people to achieve relief from the problems they have been battling [...]

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It's Spring – Time for a Spring Clean?


By Katina Gleeson Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mental Health Accredited Social Worker   I am so privileged to do the work that I do – the opportunity to work with the people that I work with and the training I attend. Last year I attended a workshop by Dawson Church, PhD. Dawson has been a huge [...]

It's Spring – Time for a Spring Clean?2016-09-21T22:55:16+00:00
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