Heat in Pregnancy | How To Find Your Ankles Again This Summer


Merakai Therapies As we come into the hottest months of the year, we find so many of our pregnant mums lose their ankles. Let’s talk all things ankles or cankles!! This is the fluid between cells and surrounding tissue.  You need extra support during pregnancy, and your body not only increases the blood volume approximate [...]

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Clinic Update from the team at Merakai Therapies


A messsage from the team at Merakai Therapies.... Thank you so very much for your support during this time, we really appreciate your very kind words and support over the last few weeks. As you know, QLD health has announced remedial massage therapy can reopen, which is very exciting for our wonderful clients. We are [...]

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Merakai Therapies Welcomes Two New Remedial Therapists Renee & Nicole


Merakai Therapies  Merakai Therapies is growing with a second room coming in April meaning more appointments will be available to help so many more of our wonderful clients supporting life’s journey. We are excited to be welcoming Renee Hannah and Nicole Hooker to our growing team.  We now have six massage therapists, with so much [...]

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Welcome New Remedial Therapist Emma Hogan to Merakai Therapies


Merakai Therapies is super excited to welcome Emma Hogan to the team this year.  Emma brings a wealth of experience to clients, combining her extensive training with warmth, intuitive massage touch and the ability to adapt her pressure and style to suit clients needs.  Here’s a little about Emma: I began my career change to [...]

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Introducing Genevieve to Merakai Therapies


My name is Genevieve. I am originally from the UK but now live in Grange with my husband and two daughters. I first came across massage when I was studying to become a professional ballet dancer. Once I retired from dancing, I trained as a sports and remedial massage therapist with the London school of [...]

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Fertility & Pre-Pregnancy Support Massage


Merakai Therapies offer complete support of women on their journey to motherhood.  Specialised training in fertility and pre-pregnancy support, combined with their remedial and extensive pregnancy massage training means they are able to offer safe, nurturing, non-invasive and deeply relaxing treatment to support your pre-pregnancy journey. Pre-pregnancy and fertility support massages assists clients preparing to [...]

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Introducing Louise to Merakai Therapies in June


We are very excited Louise O’neill will be joining the Merakai Therapies team from Saturday June 16th, and available for Saturday treatments. Louise is a remedial massage therapist with further training through Pregnancy Massage Aaustralia as a NurtureLife practitioner. Her area of expertise and passion is supporting women through their pregnancy journey. You can book [...]

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Introducing Reflexology at Merakai Therapies.


Reflexology is a healing art of ancient origin. Evidence has been found in Egyptian tombs of images of people receiving reflexology to the feet and hands. It has also been traced back to pre-dynastic China and ancient Indian medicine. This therapeutic method of massage is based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet, [...]

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