Protein Pancakes – The Protein Bread Co


For the pancakes, prepare The Protein Bread Co - Pancake Mix as instructed. These delicious gluten free pancakes are high in fibre, high in protein, and are low carb. I didn't have cottage cheese, but substituted for 2 tbsp of almond milk which also worked perfectly! The mixes make a lot of pancakes so don't [...]

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Smoked Salmon with Sauteed Sweet Corn and Sugar Snap Pea Salad


With the warm weather slowly upon us it is the time to take advantage of the new season vegetables and the opportunities to socialise outside with friends. We couldn't resist the quality of sugar snap peas and sweet corn from United Organics this week. Chef Nick Grivas created this little salad to accompany our 41 [...]

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Black Adder Tea


Mmmm liquorice tea. (BBC)  I've never been a huge fan of liquorice flavour, especially as a kid. Thank goodness we grow up and out taste buds develop because I can't even begin to imagine a world without my favourite tea of all time, Black Adder. I discovered it by accident one day when [...]

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Al'Chemy Hair Care Range


Al'Chemy Hair Care Range Struggling to find the perfect shampoo & conditioner to help restore dry and damaged hair? Al'chemy Hair care range is by far one of the best I have found on the market and will leave your hair incredibly soft for days. This beautiful range is enriched with certified organic floral extracts, [...]

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Poached Pear Recipe.


Staying warm and healthy. Poached Pears in Sugar Free Syrup Serves 4 4 Buerre Bosc pears Lemon juice 1 cup xylitol 6 cups water 1 Vanilla bean pod 1 Cinnamon stick Peel each pear starting from the stem and peeling downwards. Drizzle each pear with a little lemon juice to help from going [...]

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Coconut Oil and all it's goodness.


Coconut water and Coconut Oil has been getting a lot of press lately hailing it's miracle benefits. What Nutritionist Megan Crockart discusses across a 3 part series is the different coconut products on the market now and their benefits. Coconuts are actually a fruit not a true nut as nuts do not open at maturity [...]

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