IMG_3747For the pancakes, prepare The Protein Bread Co – Pancake Mix as instructed. These delicious gluten free pancakes are high in fibre, high in protein, and are low carb. I didn’t have cottage cheese, but substituted for 2 tbsp of almond milk which also worked perfectly! The mixes make a lot of pancakes so don’t be afraid to keep the unused dry mix in your fridge for future use. Once made, the protein pancakes can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days, making for a quick, nutritious breakfast.
Try these delicious toppings for the perfect breakfast treat this weekend!


This is a great choice for after a morning workout! The addition of extra protein from the cottage cheese and protein powder, combined with natural carbohydrates from the banana and berries, create the perfect combination to replenish depleted energy stores. This will ensure quick recovery and reduce fatigue, so you’re ready to do it all over again tomorrow!
– Mix 2 tbsp of Barambah Organics High Protein Cottage Cheese with 1/2 scoop of Whey Protein (I use Tony Sfeirs Vanilla Whey Protein Concentrate).
– Slice 1/2 – 1 banana, and sprinkle generously with cinnamon.
– Stack pancakes, layering with cottage cheese protein-mix and banana.
– Top with 1 tbsp of pure organic maple syrup. Yum!


This is a delicious way to enjoy pancakes as an energising and nourishing breakfast. This combination is low in carbohydrates, but rich in protein, fibre and antioxidants.
– Cook 1 strip of Green Ag Organic Turkey Bacon until golden and crispy
– Layer pancakes and top with Turkey Bacon, 1 tbsp of Barambah organic yoghurt, 1/2 cup of Blueberries, and 1 tbsp of pure organic maple syrup.


This combination does a lot to satisfy brain health – high in mood boosting neurotransmitters, packed with antioxidants, and abundant in good fats for optimising brain function. An indulgent way to show a little brain love!
– Mix together 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder, 1 tsp of peanut butter, 1 tsp of maple syrup, and 3 tbsp water. Heat gently on the stove until you reach your desired thickness/drizzle-worthy consistency.
– Top pancakes with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce, 1/2 cup of organic mixed berries, and 1-2 tbsp of paleo muesli!
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