Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake


This recipe is from the lovely Nutrition Guru and The Chef. Tara has "a passion for busting diet myths and showing people simple and effective ways to live a healthy and happy life by eating whole foods... Together we aim to inspire people to try new ingredients, to live a healthy life, provide readers with [...]

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Seven Part Series, Part 6: The Brow Chakra


By Jo Smith Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor   Trusting Your Inner Knowledge   Do you want to enhance and balance your insight, knowledge, intuition and wisdom? As we have weaved our way through five of the seven main chakras we are going to explore the sixth Chakra, also known as the Brow or [...]

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Silver Beet Dhal


Marilyn made this delicious winter dish from the new Australian Women's Weekly  recipe book "Slow Cooker: The Complete Edition". This meal is perfect for the colder weather - satisfying, warming and nutrient dense. We've made some adaptions to the original recipe, increasing the nutrient and fibre density a little. Yum!   What you'll need... - [...]

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Chewy Almond Butter Bars


These delicious bars are from the lovely Liz and Kath at Simple Nourishment, a fantastic recipe to prepare for back-to-school lunch boxes or for an indulgent afternoon work snack. We can't wait to give these a try!   "Our passion is simple, fast, nutritious snack food that doesn’t compromise on taste and that can keep [...]

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Quinoa Pizza Bites


Extremely tasty and very quick to make, these delicious pizza bites are the perfect pre-game snack to enjoy before the State of Origin! Gluten free, protein rich, and high fibre - you won't have to compromise taste for nutritional value. Recipe from Ingredients 1 cup uncooked quinoa 2 large eggs 1 cup chopped onion [...]

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Do you have “Sitting Syndrome”?


By Marilyn Lemaire   Is it possible that a simple change like “Standing more” could increase life span by years?   There are many recognized addictive behaviors but most of us would have never considered that an addiction to sitting could be having a serious impact on our life span.   The Mayo clinic reports [...]

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Protein Pancakes – The Protein Bread Co


For the pancakes, prepare The Protein Bread Co - Pancake Mix as instructed. These delicious gluten free pancakes are high in fibre, high in protein, and are low carb. I didn't have cottage cheese, but substituted for 2 tbsp of almond milk which also worked perfectly! The mixes make a lot of pancakes so don't [...]

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Smoked Salmon with Sauteed Sweet Corn and Sugar Snap Pea Salad


With the warm weather slowly upon us it is the time to take advantage of the new season vegetables and the opportunities to socialise outside with friends. We couldn't resist the quality of sugar snap peas and sweet corn from United Organics this week. Chef Nick Grivas created this little salad to accompany our 41 [...]

Smoked Salmon with Sauteed Sweet Corn and Sugar Snap Pea Salad2013-10-19T02:05:12+00:00

Spiral Organic Balsamic Vinegar


  mix with oil and dip fresh bread into. mmmm   I'm a big fan of balsamic vinegar, loving the tart yet slightly sweet flavour it gives to enhance just about any dish you add it too. Lately what I have loved is making a salad and giving a good splash of extra [...]

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Niu Life's Coconut Amino Sauce


Niu Life Coconut Amino Sauce I say soy is so passe so I select something a little different to acid jazz up my stir-fry. Niu life's Coconut Amino Sauce! Yes that's right, Coconut! is there anything this magical hairy nut can't do? It's like sweet chill sauce and tamari had a love child [...]

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