By Jo Smith
Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner & Instructor

Trusting Your Inner Knowledge

Do you want to enhance and balance your insight, knowledge, intuition and wisdom?
As we have weaved our way through five of the seven main chakras we are going to explore the sixth Chakra, also known as the Brow or Third Eye Chakra.
This is another beautiful chakra filled with mystic charm.  The Brow Chakra represents our insight and our inner knowledge. It is how we perceive ourselves and the world.  Just like its name suggests, it is our third eye, our conscious perception of our total being on all levels and our sixth sense.  It is linked to learning, the central nervous system, eyes/vision, nose, sinuses and the pituitary gland.
The Brow Chakra can at times be linked to certain physical manifestations such as headaches, eye and nose issues, memory issues and glandular or endocrine issues; hormonal imbalances.

Do any of these imbalanced Brow Chakra characteristics resonate with you?  Picture1


  • not able to learn from past experiences
  • may have difficulty with visualizing, dreaming
  • vision, unable to see things clearly
  • unable to reflect about self
  • memory issues
  • perhaps a lack of dreaming
  • nightmares
  • learning issues

When the Brow Chakra is balanced is represents itself by allowing the truth to be seen and interpreted clearly with wisdom and a sense of knowing.  It is our intuition that can be enhanced via this chakra as well as memory, vision, dreams and learning just to list a few.
Remember each of the chakras work together aligning our duality.  The Brow Chakra also needs to be grounded and you may recall grounding is aligned to the base chakra.  Just like every other part of our beings, the chakra systems are complex and have intricate connections that aid in our wellbeing.

Qualities of the Brow Chakra

  • Location is the centre of the forehead
  • Sense is the Sixth Sense
  • The element is light
  • It is the seat of our higher mental power
  • Key attributes include the ability to perceive the truth, the ability to see within. It is linked to our higher mental function, clarity, wisdom and awareness, the ability to learn from experience and put those learnings into practice.  Develop and trust your intuition.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following to discover if you believe your Brow Chakra is balanced

  • Do you see clearly?
  • Do you learn from past experience?
  • Are there negative patterns that keep popping up to repeat themselves?
  • Do you feel empowered and confident in knowing who you are?
  • Do you experience nightmares?
  • Difficulty concentrating?
  • Do you trust your intuition?


Options to help support chakras at homePicture5

To support your Brow Chakra clothing or crystals in the colours of violet/ indigo helps to support the Brow Chakra. If you enjoy the scent of mint or jasmine add some aroma to your life by adding a few drops to your diffuser or oil burner to aid the brow chakra.
Affirmation are a great tool to help bring mindfulness to our daily routine, below are some affirmations for the Brow Chakra for you to enjoy.  Say the affirmation whilst focusing on the Brow Chakra.

Brow Chakra Affirmations by Jo

 I allow myself to be able to reflect with clear vision
I see the truth
I am trusting of the divine wisdom
If you would like further support to heal and balance your energy systems then Kinesiology or Reiki or both are available to aid in your wellbeing.  I look forward to working with you as we journey through your energy centres and help to bring balance and harmony back to your being.
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