by Megan Sinnett,
Need to relax and take some time out? Have you ever considered lavender? It is fantastic for stress relief in the use of aromatherapy oils as it is calming and relaxing, just to smell the oil can lift your spirits.
It is great for headaches, just dabbing some down back and sides of neck can help reduce the pain and this is a great method for helping induce sleep. Or it can be added to a bath (4 or 5 teaspoons with a cup of Epsom salts) to release tensions both physically (soothes joint and muscle pain) and mentally.
Lavender is very useful for many skin conditions such as insect bites (takes away the itch and burn and can also be used to repel insects), minor burns (takes away the heat), cuts, wounds and ulcers. It helps minimise scar formation which makes it ideal for eczema and acne. An interesting note is that it was used as a diluted solution as surgical antiseptic in field hospitals during World War II.
It can also be used for colds, coughs, sore throats, bronchitis, flu, tonsillitis and laryngitis which would be taken as a tea or as a gargle. As a mouthwash it is excellent for inflamed gums and mouth ulcers.
Lavender is great as it is a pretty herb which can be grown not only for medicinal uses but also as an attractive plant. It can also be eaten and usually accompanies sweet dishes, but I think the taste is an acquired taste.