Vive Health now stocks Full Circle’s stylish, functional products made from sustainable and renewable resources. Like scrub brushes with sleek, bamboo handles and sponges made from cellulose, a plant-based fibre. Even fully biodegradable pot scrubbers.

Full Circle’s philosophy is “A life cycle”.
Every product in our homes has one – from a scrub brush to a sponge. They’re designed and manufactured, serve out their purpose, get old and are thrown away. In Australia alone, if one scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, that’s about 8 million brushes ending up in the garbage.
And many of them are plastic (petroleum-based plastic) which means it takes about 1000 years before they start to break down.
But what if there was a scrub brush made from sustainable, biodegradable materials? One that would eventually break back down into those same biodegradable materials? And what if it was made in a factory with great working conditions and higher environmental standards? And what if it was ergonomic, worked great, and looked terrific in your home?
Full Circle’s environmental awareness extends to the following:
– Sources raw materials close to where all of the processes and packaging is done – minimizing transportation;
– Ensuring scraps and waste materials are recycled;
– Using recycled and FSC certified paper for marketing materials and packaging;
– Auditing their factories according to: fair labor practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air, water and waste disposal.
Eco friendly Full Circle products stocked at Vive health include:

    • Be Good Dish Brush
    • Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner
    • Dish Cloths set of 3
    • Grout and Tile Brush
    • Laid Back Dish Brush
    • Reach Bottle Brush
    • Ring Circle Vegetable Brush
    • Scrub Brush

By Megan Crockart