Nutritionist Megan Crockart gives her top tips for ways in which you can start the new year towards a cleaner, fresher, healthier you over this informative 3 part series! Here is part 1…

Tip 1.1 – Eat Clean
Stop buying packaged, processed and/or take away foods and start preparing meals from scratch in your own kitchen. It doesn’t have to be as time consuming or as hard as you think. Cut up a few vegetables, steam them for 10-15 mins (depending on vegetables), pan fry a piece of fish for 5-10 mins and there is a nutritious and simple meal in a total of 30 minutes (including preparation time). If you make the majority of your meals you know exactly what is in them and you won’t be consuming many of the nasty preservatives, additives, colours and flavours that are not needed. Flavour your food with herbs and spices instead.
Tip 1.2 – Exercise
Daily exercise is very important and in our busy yet sedentary society exercise often gets prioritised last after everything else we do…”If I have time”…
Exercise should be incorporated into every day and made a priority. Even a 10 minute walk is better than not at all. Up to 5 times a week for at least 30 to 45 minutes is ideal, at the very least 3 times a week. Keep it varied so it doesn’t get boring, join a team sport for extra motivation or set up a routine with a friend/family member.
Tip 1.3 – Hydrate
Drink plenty of water each day! 2-3 litres is ideal to keep well hydrated. If you find plain water gets boring, add in any of the following; a slice of lemon or lime; fresh mint leaves; or a slice of fresh ginger. Or enjoy one unsweetened/unflavoured coconut water a day, especially good when exercising as an electrolyte replacer. Not only do our cells need water to function properly given we are composed largely of water, also water naturally suppresses appetite and can help decrease fat deposits.
Tip 1.4 – Sleep
Sleep is extremely important for general well being as while we sleep our body gets a chance to rebuild cells and carry out many of our own healing processes. Sleep is also very important if you are trying to lose a few kilos. A recent study has shown that the hormone grehlin increases when we don’t manage to get enough sleep which then results in increased hunger and particular cravings for sweet/sugary foods and carbohydrates. Optimal for most is 8 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep.
Stayed tuned for Part 2…Coming soon…

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