Sports and fitness are two areas which can really benefit from judicious use of health foods and supplements. Targeted products may help to enhance health, performance and recovery.
Ergogenic means able to enhance work performance. Well utilised supplements and functional foods enhance energy production, use or recovery and have the ability to provide athletes with a competitive advantage. In sports, ergogenic aids may increase muscle power, endurance, strength and/or size.
Vive’s offerings are all tried and tested. We only sell those supplements shown to be effective – which means we bypass hype for results. Try some… and you’ll find the effects are their best advertisement. Here are some of our best and brightest:
1. Designer Physique Whey Protein Isolate Plain (250g, 750g, 1kg)
Whey Protein Isolate contains one of the highest concentrations of protein and lowest amount of fat and carbohydrates of protein products available. This range is produced by micro and ultra filtration processes which ensures a high quality extraction process while maintaining protein quality. It is also free of nasty artificial additives like sweeteners or preservatives.
Whey Protein Isolate is preferred by many body builders and athletes as it is quickly absorbed into the body and contains high amounts of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are concentrated in muscles, and are used to fuel and build the muscle fibres.
2. Endura Rehydration (800g)
This contains vital electrolytes – mineral salts which need to be present and in balance in the blood. When we sweat during exercise, this can contribute to loss and imbalance of electrolytes, giving symptoms such as muscle cramps or weakness. Drinking Endura Rehydration during and after sports ensures that the body has a ready supply of vital electrolytes to function at it’s best.
3. Fatigue Reviva 30 x 20g Sachets Lemon Lime
Designed by scientists and tested by doctors, this is a cutting-edge amino acid and carbohydrate formulation designed to increase energy and recovery of peak performance. At Vive, we’ve sold this to international athletes and referees, as well as using it ourselves for a little extra ‘pep’ when needed.
The formulation is specially designed to be shuttled straight from the gut into the blood, meaning that it requires no digestion, and means the nutrients get where they are needed much faster, and with much more potency. Fatigue reviva also helps to prevent muscle breakdown and dehydration.
4. Fill2Pure Water Filtration Drink Bottle BPA Free 500ml
The last thing you need when rehydrating is to take in nasty chemicals like BPA which may interfere with your performance. These bottles also contain a filter, which instantly removes up to 99.99% of Aesthetics, Microbiological Contaminants (including viruses and bacteria), Chemicals (including Chlorine and Fluoride) and Dissolved Solids. This means that you can take it hiking and bushwalking, and fill it up safely from any stream or river in Australia or New Zealand.
5. Kre-Alkalyn Creatine (180Caps)
Creatine can increase maximum power and performance in high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work (like weight lifting). This particular form of Creatine has a very alkaline pH, which means that it helps the body absorb more creatine (thus you need less). This stable form also means it is less likely to cause nasty side effects like bloating, headaches, nausea or muscle cramps.
Use creatine for the ability to train longer and harder, with reduced lactic acid burn and muscle fatigue.
6. Horleys Acetyl L-Carnitine (120c)
The cells need carnitine to burn fats for energy. This particular form of Carnitine is easily absorbed and crosses the blood brain barrier, meaning that the brain cells can also use fats for fuel. This means that not only can it help burn fat and improve energy, but that it also helps to focus and sharpen your mind.
7. Musashi L-Glutamine (150g)
The body needs more glutamine when we exercise as it is involved in muscle repair (and growth) as well as glycogen storage. Taking additional amounts of this amino acid may help to reduce muscle soreness post-training, increase lean muscle mass, and help with immune system function.
Musashi supplements often come as powders, which makes adjusting your individual dose super easy!
8. Zen Therapeutics Tincture (50 mls)
Hands up who hasn’t woken up after a particularly hard training session in a bit of pain or stiffness…. not any more! This tincture is a combination of traditional Chinese and Western herbs used for the relief of joint and muscle pain and the treatment of traumatic injuries.
These herbs increase circulation, reduce pain and inflammation and speed the healing process. You’ll be back in the gym in no time.