By Mikaela Duffy

29 year old Female…

(Initial visit – April 2013)
Client presented with a lack of regular cycle after coming off Oral contraceptive in January 2013 (taken for 10 years)
Initial period at 35 days, then none since (currently 75 days with no sign of bleeding)
Recently diagnosed 6mm breast cyst, soon after coming off contraceptive pill
Diagnosed Hypothyroid in 2009 – treated with Thyroxine & Prednisone for 5 months. Then told it was misdiagnosed and taken off medications.
Tests showed low Vitamin D levels, so taking 1000IU daily since test (past 4 months)
Signs in body & tongue of poor digestive function, adrenal fatigue and ‘wired and tired’. Sleep onset poor, occasional migraines, sluggish bowel movements, poor memory and concentration, slow circulation.
Diet – BF = toast/muffin & coffee. No morning tea. L = toasted ham, cheese & tomato s’wich. AT = nothing or fruit or potato chips. D = meat & rice or pasta. Coke zero 1 can daily, 1L water, 1 coffee.
HUSBAND doesn’t eat veggies at all.
Treatment – HERBAL FORMULA – adrenal support, reducing cortisol release, hormone/cycle regulation, calming the nerves and aiding sleep, warming the body and overall female tonic – 5ml 2 x daily
DIET – start on some wholefoods – incorporating healthy grains, proteins and essential fats with each meal. Use slow cooker for warming dishes, easy to digest, containing warming spices. Reduce Coke Zero and increase water. Basic advice also given for husband’s diet, with ideas to increase nutrients.
Visit # 2 – May 2013
Changes to diet for the better – more antioxidant foods, whole grains, slow cooked meals, vegetables. Increased exercise a little – still trying to do more
Digestion improved – more regular bowels, bloating decreased, more consistent appetite
Energy improving, sleep better but still not great, no palpitations or restless legs, more rested in the morning, concentration feeling better
Cycle – still no bleed – now 96 days. Blood tests pending from GP – hormonal, thyroid
Treatment – continue building on food changes. Protein in all meals for blood sugar balance, energy
– activated B’s and herbs for metabolism and adrenal support
– tissue salts for calming nervous system to aid sleep
– continue taking Vitamin D
Visit # 3 – June 2013 – with husband – 2 hour appointment
TEST results back – sperm count & motility low. Estrogen high in female blood tests, vitamin D still low but improved.
Period finally occurred for first time in months.
Discussed all aspects of fertility for male – lifestyle, antioxidant intake, dietary changes, sleep, managing stress. Discussed female factors – managing stress, further diet advice, clearing out chemicals used in the house – laundry, toiletries etc.
Treatment – further herbal formula for female – cycle regulation & hormone balance, stress/cortisol reduction, adrenal support, improve pelvic circulation. Continue Vitamin D.
Supplements for male – increase sperm count, motility and antioxidants.
Visit #4 – September 2013
Pregnancy confirmed – patient had also recently gone on Metformin for blood sugar regulation at the advice of her GP (past 1 month).
Visit #5 – April 2014
Female currently 36 weeks pregnant, appointment to discuss diet, preparing body for labour, oils and other items to use in final weeks and during birthing process to promote calm and help manage pain levels.
TESTING – currently iron and Vit D levels in optimum range
Treatment – 38 week herbal formula – mix of liquid herbs to prepare uterus for birth, increase iron levels in preparation for blood loss, calm the nerves and promote softening of the cervix.
Small dietary changes to increase magnesium and calcium for optimum (pelvic) muscle health.
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