This year, I invite you to decide to do things a little differently. What if this season –
before things get crazy, you take a moment to reconnect to what the meaning of Christmas
is about for YOU. What if before things get hectic, you decide on what kind of experience
you wish to create for yourself and those around you and then you enter your to-do-list from that place?
Love Hearted Image Kimberly NewingFor me, the meaning of Christmas is about celebration, love, connection, family, gratitude and laughter. I want my family and those around me to experience my loving, generous and playful self during this period – not my frustrated, tense and cranky self! With two little kids there is a whole lotta fun to be had and I want to be a part of it 
Here’s my invitation to you: Make a choice about who you want to show up as and what kind of experience you want to create for those around you for the rest of this year. Why?
Because life is better when we are more mindful of what we really want and of how our behaviour affects others. Follow my top 5 tips today to help keep you feeling more focused, calm and happy…
1) Move your body frequently and joyfully
Often when we need the release the most, we practice it the least. Excuses surface and before we know it our mind has convinced us of all the reasons WHY we don’t have time to make that yoga class or the energy to go for a much needed walk. Stop listening to that voice that will talk you out of what’s good for you. Set the time in your schedule, commit to it and GO! You never regret moving your body and your soul will love you for it!
2) Prioritize
Take some time to sit down with a pen and paper and create a list consisting of columns that correspond to each area of your life. Then within each column do a brain dump. List all of the things that have been giving you a ‘monkey mind’ and keeping you awake at night. Beside each task, write a date by which it needs to be completed and finally, rank each task according to its due date. Put the list up where you can see it often and allow yourself great pleasure as you tick off the completed items on your list  JUST DO IT. You know it works!
3) Lighten up
Stop taking everything so seriously. Ghandi said it best “be the change you wish to see in the world”. By allowing yourself to be in a state of joy and peace – you unconsciously invite others into that space also. Remember what meaning you are choosing to make this holiday season about then act accordingly. Remember to breathe before you react and remember the spirit of giving. I’m not talking about material giving here – I am talking about giving of yourself. The world doesn’t need more ‘stuff’ to be bought. The world needs more of you being you. Happier, lighter more present YOU.
4) Set clear boundaries
Know your limits and give yourself permission to say “No”. There is nothing more draining on the spirit when one constantly puts another’s needs before their own. Remember to fill your own cup FIRST so that you have the capacity within you to contribute to the cups of the people around you. Instead of saying “Yes” to that party on Friday night when you really don’t feel like it – say “Yes” to a date with yourself. A night in with a good book or movie, a bath with candles or an early night. Whatever you need to fill your own cup – do that. Your needs matter too so don’t wait until you’re already burnt out and overwhelmed to take time out. Notice where you need to say “NO” more to the outside world and “YES” more to yourself and DO IT.
5) Connect with your heart
Let’s not forget what it means to be in community. Christmas is a wonderful time to remember what being in community is all about. There are people who find this time of year incredibly lonely. There are people whose hearts are aching as they move through this holiday period yet who might be putting on a brave face. May you be open to bringing love and connection to everyone you meet. May you be open to being THAT person who offers a random act of kindness to an unsuspecting heart who needs it the most. Stay present. Keep your eyes and heart open as you bring the gift of who you really are to those who need it the most. Let go of judgment, choose to see beyond the behaviours and give anyway. The world will be a better place for it and your experience of Christmas this year will be too.
Let’s choose to end 2014 as our best selves. Let’s make way for new beginnings in 2015 where we live more of the qualities and lives we deeply yearn for. One of the ways you can say “YES” to yourself this year might be to seek professional support. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed, feeling lost or lacking in clarity about where you are heading in your life, my ‘gift’ to you is a complimentary 30 minute clarity call. This call is designed to offer immediate support and to bring a sense of relief, focus and direction into your life today.
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