Hypnotherapy has been found to be an effective form of therapy for a range of issues that children may be experiencing.
These issues include:

  • Managing stress and anxiety;
  • Lack of confidence;
  • Social anxiety;
  • Bedwetting;
  • Pain management;
  • Phobias;
  • Fears; and
  • Habits.

I have worked with children as young as 5 years old. Hypnotherapy with children can be very different to working with adults depending on the age of the child. This is because of developmental factors. As adults we have developed critical abilities and as such a trance induction is required to access the unconscious mind and the potential for change and healing that the unconscious mind can provide.
childrenResearch about hypnotherapy and its effectiveness with children as a treatment option has found that children generally make good hypnotic subjects.   It is a natural part of children’s growth and development that they are spontaneously in and out of alternative states of awareness or imagination all day. This alternative state of engaging the imagination is a definition of the trance state. I see this natural ability to be absorbed in the imagination as a wonderful opportunity to informally engage children in hypnosis and to work towards the desired changes.
Katina Gleeson is a hypnotherapist who helps people with behavioural, habitual or emotional change through interrupting old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs which is not limited to adults.
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