Most people welcome the new year by promising to turn over a new leaf and become a better version of themselves.
Topping the list of the most common New Year’s resolutions are: getting fit, losing weight and getting healthy.
But unfortunately most people fail, usually within the first quarter.
Because people deprive themselves and think that to be fit and healthy, one needs to give up the foods they love and take up activities they dislike.
new years resolutions get fit and healthy without dieting
It’s true that to be a better version of yourself requires a little discipline, commitment and know-how but you can do so without strict dieting, going without and doing crossfit and spin classes.
Here’s how:

Be realistic

Set reasonable and realistic goals and put a plan in place to help you stick with your health and fitness goals. If you need expert advice on a healthy eating plans and weight loss programs, consult a nutritionist or health practitioner.

“Walk your way” to shedding the kilos

While doing a solid hour of high impact exercise each day will help you shed the kilos more quickly, making every day choices such as walking to work instead of taking the bus, taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking to chat with your colleague rather than phoning their desk can all contribute to you achieving your fitness goals. Making your body move and staying active all day long is a great way to get in shape. Why not get yourself a pedometer and aim for at least 10,000 steps per day? Tracking your steps is a great way to keep score of how successful you are at getting fit.

Stop dieting, begin nourishing

Health and wellness is about balance. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of the things you want to eat because the latest fad diet considers it “bad”;  just make sure to eat in moderation. Eat plenty of organic wholefoods, try to avoid processed foods, take supplements and consult your health practitioner if need be. For more information, check out our post on “A Guide to Mindful Eating”.
new years resolutions get fit and healthy without dieting

Work through your emotional issues

Some physical, mental and personal stresses can trigger “emotional eating” which can cause weight gain. If this is the case, you may want to adopt some relaxation practices and yoga poses that nurture your mind and body, helping you to deal with these stresses before you seek to to find comfort in food.

Eat more organic food

By stocking your pantry with lots of organic fruits and vegetables, you’re setting yourself up for success in those crucial moments of hunger. Rather than eating food with low nutritional value, you’ve got access to healthier foods enriched with lots of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fibre – making you feel fuller and energised for longer.

Detox often

If you’re carrying around extra weight, those additional kilos are considered to be “storehouses for accumulated toxins” – so you will need to flush them out with lots of alkaline liquids such as filtered water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, green juices, super green smoothies, and lots of salads and sprouts.

Reduce alcohol

For some people, alcohol is the leading cause of weight gain – as identified by a man’s “beer gut”. While it isn’t necessary to give up alcohol entirely, reducing your intake of alcoholic beverages may help you to kickstart your health, enhance vitality and give you more time and energy that would otherwise be lost to the hangovers.
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